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The Benefit of Holding Conferences in Capital Cities


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Choosing the right meeting venue is the first and most important step you will take in planning your next conference. The location must offer the right amenities for your event — flexible meeting room space, great technology and support, attentive guest services, while also being an attractive vibrant place people want to go to and will remember forever. Choosing a capital city location like the Ottawa Convention Centre brings together both needs into one memorable meeting space.

Capital cities hold many key advantages for people looking to plan events including event space, access and location.

Ottawa Convention Centre located in walking distance of Parliament Hill

Ottawa Convention Centre looks onto Parliament Hill.

Event Space
Most major capital cities offer at least one world class convention centre, often more. These centres were built with the needs of large corporations, non-profit organizations, as well as smaller groups in mind. A great convention centre blends form and function to showcase a capital city, not hide it, from participants. 

These vibrant meeting venues should also accommodate large, mid-size and small events or meetings through their flexible meeting spaces. As you consider spaces to hold your event, make sure the space can adjust to your needs and the needs of your participants. Keeping your 21st century business needs in mind, state of the art convention centres now offer a wide range of technical services and audio visual expertise to incorporate social networking and virtual meeting aspects into any gathering.  Technology provides even more flexibility to meeting planners who prioritize location/technology and reach as important factors for their event; therefore making an even more attractive and flexible venue for meetings.

Capital cities are vibrant locations. In these cities, important decisions are made concerning finance, governance and business. It's no wonder most media outlets, large businesses, and non-profit organizations choose capital cities as their headquarters or for satellite offices. Holding an event in a capital city gives participants access to major players in key industries, political figures, lobbyists, and organizations which allows conferences and conventions the potential to create and event that provides more impact and results.

Location is key- A great capital city convention centre stands tall and proud in the heart of a city and represents the coming together of business interests and government looking to attract more people to a nation's capital. You want to find a convention centre that provides wide variety of attractions nearby and has adequate means of transportation to access these attractions.  You want your participants to enjoy their experience at the event and capital cities like Ottawa, Washington, D.C. and London provide that opportunity with an exciting night life, museums, shopping venues, historical and cultural attractions, breathtaking sights, world class dining and the opportunity to explore an exciting and diverse culture. The OCC is located within walking distance of all these major forms of attractions, including Parliament Hill, and provides a window facade so you can see the gorgeous views of downtown Ottawa and not be sheltered from the city. These capital cities also possess the one ingredient that conferences seek that was mentioned earlier - a gateway to decision makers and people of major influence. 
Canada Day fireworks with OCC on right and Parliament Hill on left.

Photo of Canada Day Fireworks - Image shows OCC to the right and Parliament Hill to the left of fireworks.

  When more and more cities look alike and as our world grows smaller due to technology such as the Internet, having the opportunity to visit a major world city will make your next event that much more unique for your participants.

As you consider your next meeting venue, look into capital cities first. Their convention facilities, proximity to the seats of power, and beautiful locations make capital cities a prime choice for your premier event.

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