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How Virtual Meetings Combined with Face-to-face Meetings Can Enhance Conferences


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Today's successful businesses are those that have embraced the power of the Internet and social media to take their operations to the next level of efficiency and customer satisfaction. Now, you can apply these best business practices to your events and conferences as well.

The Ottawa Convention Centre stands ready as a premiere convention centre to help you make your next event or conference a success both in person and to extend that experience into the virtual meeting space. Our association services team can meet both your digital meeting needs and your convention centre needs.

Ottawa Convention Centre

Virtual meeting spaces and other social media venues have extended beyond a personal space for people to maintain contact with friends or to check in with colleagues. Businesses of all sizes including major international corporations have learned to harness the power of social media to reach customers in a new way. Associations are using virtual technology to expand their reach by enabling content to those that cannot be in attendance. It makes sense for convention centres to bring these new technologies to the conference and event experience. Some of the benefits of adding these new mediums to your next event or conference include:
  • Event Flexibility: Creating Hybrid Events by combining virtual meetings with face to face meetings at our well-equipped convention centre allows your organization flexibility and agility in planning an event. No longer will you be constrained by who can and cannot attend your event in person. Anyone can join in on the conversation.

  • Adaptation: As events get planned and details unfold, organizations often find themselves needing to adapt to changing circumstances. Having the option of holding virtual meetings or making some aspects of an event virtual allow the event to adapt to a changing business environment while still being a successful event.

  • Increased Participation: By making some aspects of an event virtual, you open your event to more participants who either can't travel or can't make it to the convention centre. This includes employees who must remain behind to perform important functions or who can't travel because of prior personal obligations.

  • Before & After Event Management: By utilizing social media in addition to virtual and face to face meetings, you can better manage the flow of information before an event including dispersing event calendars, highlighting specific portions of an event, and introducing speakers. After the event concludes, social media allows participants to stay in touch with each other, network across several sites, and provide feedback on the event's success.

Though nothing will ever replace the benefits of face to face meetings and the depth of understanding gained by talking with someone in person, adding virtual elements to your next event will add to the overall success of your conference. The Ottawa Convention Centre looks forward to helping you make your next hybrid event successful, both virtually and in person!

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